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Typical Problems

Dirty barns

How many hazards can you spot in this photo?

There are dirty barns, and then there are trashy barns. Either one is a problem. Both are hazardous to animals and humans. Manure is slippery, and trash can cause injury as well as attract unwanted rodents.

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Mud and drainage

Isn't this depressing?  Even the run-in shed for the sheep is flooded.  Everything is wrong about this setup.  The ground tilts towards the barn, sending ALL the rainwater towards the barn and shed.

Unless your farm is paved over, you’re going to experience mud. How MUCH mud and how disabling it is to you and your animals depends on leveling, drainage, swails, choice of surfaces, and more. Here are some pictures that will make you shudder- until you see the solution!

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Gate Systems: the good, the bad and the downright dumb!

There are two problems here:  First, there are two chains.   In order to go in and out of this gate, you must unfasten and re-fasten two separate chains.  Second, the chains are the compression -latch type which often rust and get stiff and in general are very difficult to manipulate.

I’ve spent a lot of time using and evaluating gate systems – here are some of my favorites. You’ll shake your head at some, probably relate to others, and then some will simply make you laugh. Please send your good and bad gate photos and we’ll include them in the slideshow!

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