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Success Stories

Barn total refresh

before-thThe owner of this barn was getting ready to hold an open house, as he is selling his farm. It had been a long time since the barn had had some TLC and so we swooped in and got it straightened out, big time!  There were lots and lots of old feed bags, baling twine everywhere, nails and metal staples in the ground, and valuable tools left about.  We filled the truck with trash and sorted out everything of value and gave it its own special place in the barn.  The chickens were delighted at the various bugs unearthed by all the cleaning. [see more photos]


Multi-species barn refresh

animalgroupThis small farm hosts Angora goats, alpacas, and sheep,all of whom share a barn and pasture space.  Most of the gates in the barn were secured and managed with bungee cords, and had to be lifted up to be moved.  Moreover, the barn had accumulated a great mass of sticky cobwebs (a fire hazard).  We did a full cleaning of walls, ceiling and rafters, mounted gates, and installed easy-to-use gate latches for one-handed open and close. We also engineered a handy feed bucket latch (so that nosy goats and sheep cannot dislodge the buckets).   The owner was delighted! [see more photos]


Chicken barn total refresh

outsideThis lovely barn had been previously occupied by some chickens. The deep bedding method had been used.  As chickens tend to do, they left a bit of a mess!  The owner, planning to get chickens again, decided to do a barn refresh for her new girls.  Much of the bedding was loose, but there was also some hardened chicken manure that had to be scraped pretty thoroughly. I removed cobwebs from the wall and ceiling, did a thorough shopvac of all the dust, and also cleaned up and organized the ante-room which has feed, bedding, and some cleaning supplies. [see more photos]

Click on this photo to view more before and after pictures.

Click on this photo to view more before and after pictures.

Goat Habitat Renovation

goatiesAnyone who has lived with goats know that they are challenging because they are so smart and always getting into things. It’s important for their health to have a lot of things to climb on and investigate.  These little goats, however, got themselves and their owner into trouble more than once because their environment was not entirely safe. The owner had to go to the ER due to a fall caused by the goats and uneven footing, and one of the goaties managed to catch her foot in a loose palette and needed veterinary help.  We removed all the loose detritus from their yard, graded out the entire front area, lay down stone dust and heavy duty rubber stall mats on top, and leveled their feeding platform, among other improvements.  [read more and see photos]

Click on the image to see more before and after photos.

Click on the image to see more before and after photos.