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Goat Habitat Renovation

GoatiesAnyone who has lived with goats know that they are challenging because they are so smart and always getting into things. It’s important for their health to have a lot of things to climb on and investigate.  These little goats, however, got themselves and their owner into trouble more than once because their environment was not entirely safe. The owner had to go to the ER due to a very bad fall caused by uneven footing, and one of the goaties managed to catch her foot in a loose palette and needed veterinary help.  The owner loves her goats, and needs a safe environment where she can enjoy them and they can be the goats they truly are.

To start with, we removed all the loose detritus from their yard, graded out the entire front area (no small feat, that), laid down stone dust and heavy duty rubber stall mats on top.  We took apart their feeding platform, leveled the ground, and set the platform on much more secure beams.  We also secured the chain link fence where it had come loose from the posts; dug out where gates were sticking on accumulated dirt and unable to be opened fully; installed two battery-operated motion detector lights for nighttime safety, and installed a feeder system that can be accessed from the outside (so that goats can no longer knock down their owner when she is feeding them).


Back of the barn - lots of discarded goat toys Palettes with open slots - dangeous for goat hooves Extra stuff Front of the barn Feeding platform - not level Back of the barn Side view Their favorite picnic table Front view from outside the gate

Work in Progress

Laying down matsSetting the feed funnel in placeThe doggies are interested in helpingGradingThe goat is supervisingRepairing the feeder platformTying down loose fencing


Feeding funnel with goat demonstrating its effectivenessFeeding platform Looking towards the front. A goat's eye view.Feeder has mats and slate as stepping stone in frontA safe palette for goats to stand onFront of the barn

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