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Serving Maryland and Virginia.

Farm Services

Our services are geared primarily to help the small, hobby farmer, “gentleman farmer”, and small-sized production farms (typically fewer than 100 animals).  Services include:

  • full barn cleaning and organization (“Fresh Start”),
  • consultation/remediation for your mud and drainage issues,
  • evaluation and remediation of gate and passageways where animals and you travel,
  • flooring,
  • and removal of certain fire hazards.

Our goal is not to turn your farm upside down with expensive renovations.  Our goal is to provide simple, safe, and economical fixes to issues that have annoyed or even injured you.  Proper gate latches that can be managed one-handed, appropriately hung gates and fencing that contain the animals safely, increasing lighting and safe footing, and, very importantly, good, safe traffic flow of animals.

If we aren’t qualified to make the fixes, we will refer you to certified professionals who can.