Hoofprints Farm Services: Not just your ordinary farmhand!

Customized, common sense farm help

More than just a farm hand!  We solve those problems that irritate you every day.  It doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated to make your daily life with your animals easier and safer, and hoofprints wants to help you!

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Barn Blog

Making your barn safe for winter

Every year I read about barns that have burned down – these are terrible tragedies for farmers and for any animals who may have been trapped inside. It’s so important to do a review of your barn’s safety especially before winter sets in. Here are a few tips to start off your safety evaluation.

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Case Studies

Dirty barns

There are dirty barns, and then there are trashy barns. Either one is a problem. Both are hazardous to animals and humans. Manure is slippery, and trash can cause injury as well as attract unwanted rodents.

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